Advanced/Canine Life and Social Skills

1/2/2018 - 2/6/2018 @ 6:30 PM at Milton Manor with Kara Kingsbury | View Map
If you want a dog that is well behaved in many contexts without heavy use of food, then this is the class for you.  This class focuses on all of the basics commands introduced in our beginner and intermediate classes, but adds more distractions and reduces the use of the leash and food rewards.  Dogs and their people will also prepare for the Canine Life and Social Skills certification which allows you to earn three different levels of certification showing your dog is polite and well mannered in public.  As an advanced level course, this course can be repeated multiple times, working on more advanced exercises each time.
Session Details:
Cost: $135.00 ($50.00 deposit required)
Length: 6 - 1 hour lessons
Size: up to 6

Upcoming Sessions:
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